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Burying alive escape game

BURYING ALIVE - Escape game

Death will come for you and put you to your final resting place. But you get one last chance... 60 minutes... You have that 60 minutes to get back to your usual world. If it fails....

Attention!!! This is really a coffin, a wooden box, in which one person has a space of 2 meters long, 70 cm wide and 50 cm high! Not recommended for claustrophobia sufferers!

players2 person

playtime You have 1 hour to escape

language  HU/EN




horror farm escaperoom

HORROR FARM - Escape game

Clueless trespassers entered the horror farm not knowing that it's inhabitants are at home. These creatures don't like visitors so they are putting them in cages. Will you be able to escape the farm?

players min 4 - max 6 person (recommended player number 4-5 person)

playtime You have 1 hour to escape

language  HU/EN



There’s no scare in our escape games, and the scene isn’t that scary either. But here, too, you can expect the appearance of our horror creatures, who, if necessary, will help you or just play with you a little ... 

Escape games can be booked through the booking system, in which case you will buy the ticket immediately. If you have tickets purchased elsewhere, choose the free ticket.
It is also possible to book by phone or email and you will buy the ticket on the spot. The reservation system does not include all start times, if you want to make a reservation for e.g. 8:00 p.m., you can only do so by phone or email.



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