Haunted house

Nightmare in Budapest interactive haunted house

Our goal is to have a terrifying, adrenaline-fueled, spectacular and exciting tour that will provide a lasting experience for all visitors.
Custom-made sets, unique light, sound effects and the "bloodthirsty mad killers" brought to life are waiting for you to walk through the maze of fear, horror and terror!
We guarantee that this experience will be unforgettable for everyone.

We know your fears...You've got the reason!

haunted house


 players1-6 person

playtime 25-35 mins

language HU/EN

 Reservation required!TripAdvisor




real actors

Nightmare in Budapest's profile is the horror house. It's not a classic horror tour, where the focus is only on the jump scares, not even an escape room, but an interactive horror theater.

The program averages between 25-35 minutes. The location is an underground 400 square meter basement where you have to go from room to room. In some places You have to find your way out of dark labyrinths, sometimes you can get from one place to another by solving small tasks and with the help of the "living" (real actors) in the house. You need to be open-minded and empathize as much as you can.

There is no minimum number of people in a group, but the maximum is 6 people. We don't put strangers in a group, everyone starts alone.



The horror tour is for you if:
- you like novelties,
- you like interactions,
- you can adapt to new situations,
- you like excitement and challenges,
- you like horror.


The horror tour isn't for you if:
- you can't stand the fact that you're not the boss,
- you can't stand when you get knocked out of your comfort zone,
- you don't like excitement,
- you don't like interaction,
- you are violent or unable to behave normally,
- you can't get into a particular situation,
- you are drunk or under the influence of mind-modifying substances,
- you have a severe panic disorder.

You wish you were dreaming...



Our daily program is "Nightmare", in which our special and unique horror creatures guide you through your worst nightmare. During your journey, you may encounter several obstacles and tasks, but whether you survive is up to you... You never know who's waiting for you. Every day we have different horror characters waiting for you to feed off your fear.





Special shows 

This shows are avalilable only on specific dates!

In addition to our normal Nightmare program available every day, we are waiting for you with a special program almost one day almost every month. The dates of the special programs are always posted on the main page or on our facebook page in the form of an event at the beginning of the given month.

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