Ticket prices

Haunted house

(with real actors! 25-35 mins.):

10500Huf for 1 person (~28 Euro/person),

9500Huf/person for 2 person (~25 Euro/person),

7500Huf/person for 3-4 person (~20 Euro/person),

7000Huf/person for 5-7 person (~18 Euro/person).

In case of groups of 8 or more ask us for a special offer!

There is no minimum number of people in a group, but the maximum is 6 people.

One show is ~25-35 minutes.

We don't put strangers in a group, every group starts alone.




Why does the haunted house cost this much? Click here!


The special shows

The date of the special programs is always posted at the beginning of the given month on the main page and on our Facebook page in an event.




Escape games

BURYING ALIVE - Escape game


HORROR FARM - Escape game

5000Huf/person for 4 persons,
4500Huf/person for 5-6 persons.

There’s no scare in our escape games, and the scene isn’t that scary either. But here, too, you can expect the appearance of our horror creatures, who, if necessary, will help you or just play with you a little ...



Bachelor package

We will wed the celebrant with one of our horror characters. After the tour we will make a marriage certificate about it, and then there will be an opportunity to take photos with one of our horror characters.

It contains:

  • we make a fake marrige during the show,

  • Nightmare in Budapest fridge magnet for the bride/groom,

  • after the show you can choose one of the horror characters and take photos with her or him.

    The package cost an extra 10000Huf (not per person, only 10000Huf) + entrance fee.


Psycho package

Celebrate your birthday with us, at the only authentic location in the country and surprise your friend with a special adrenaline filled experience that we make personal for the celebrant!
It is possible to deliver (brought) gifts and/or messages in the area of ​​the horror realm, which will be delivered at the appropriate moment by our Horror characters, or even by the Celebrant during the interactive game. At the end of the game, the celebrant will receive a survivor certificate and a Nightmare in Budapest fridge magnet as a gift from us.

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Package contents:

  • Hiding the (brought) gift and/or messages,

  • Survivor certificate at the end of the game,

  • Nightmare in Budapest fridge magnet,

  • Photo shoot with your favorite horror character.

    The package cost: 6000Huf (this amount in total, not per person) + entrance fee.