1. NO SMOKING and/or open flames! Those who break this rule will be removed from NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST premises, and will be prosecuted.

2. The consumption of alcohol is FORBIDDEN! Entry is forbidden under the influence of ALCOHOL, DROGS or OTHER STIMULANTS! The NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST reserves the right to deny entry to and/or pre-maturely eject, any individual(s) from a Nightmare in Budapest attraction who appear to be and/or display drunken behavior that would affect the safety and/or enjoyment of theirs and/or others' NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST experience.

3. IT IS FORBIDDEN to bring a gun, knife or any other weapon to the show premises, whether carried with a permit or not! NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST reserves the right to refuse entry to those whose behaviour threatens the safety of anyone on site.

4. THE ACTORS WILL TOUCH YOU! Those who touch or damage/harm the performers, the sets or props may be ejected from the NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST premises and will be liable for PROSECUTION.

5. Please look after your valuables! NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST will not be liable for any theft, loss or damage to clothes and possessions.

6. Entry is STRICTLY LIMITED to those over 14 years of age! Entry is at own risk!

7. The use of flashlights, LASER POINTERS and/or any other lights (including phone screens) is FORBIDDEN.

8. The use of any SOUND or IMAGE RECORDING device is FORBIDDEN! Those found to be using such devices will be immediately removed from the NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST premises.

9. NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST makes every effort to ensure a safe environment! Any person or persons who run, push past others, fail to obey safety instructions will be immediately removed from the NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST premises.

10. There are NO REFUNDS, all sales are final! NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST is one of the most terrifying and best haunted spectacles in Budapest. Those who fail to complete the show and choose to leave before the end cannot reclaim the price of their ticket! There are no refunds for any reason.

11. The show is NOT recommended for pregnant women, those suffering from heart conditions or those living with mental illness! ENTRY ENTIRELY AT OWN RISK! Powerful lights, strobe effects, loud sound effects, moving puppets and sudden scares are employed. The show is NOT recommended if you suffer from asthma, broken bones, neck or back injuries, respiratory conditions, high blood pressure.  NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR any PERSONAL INJURY. Warning! Viewer discretion is advised. The show may be disturbing to some individuals.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone!

The entire NIGHTMARE in BUDAPEST staff works to ensure that you may experience the most frightening show possible. These few simple rules are designed to ensure that you leave us with the right kind of unforgettable memory.